We are searching for a new Priest in Charge for our Parish.  Our former Priest, Rev. David Pearson announced his resignation to the congregation on  April 25, 2021, see his letterhere.  This page will act as a chronological update page to inform our parish of the search progress to replace him.


June 1, 2022 – Numerous meetings with Canon Bayes have helped define our wants, needs and what we can offer. Search is now on hiatus until Canon Bayes frees up some time from her many other duties.

June 2, 2021 – We need volunteers! 

From an email from Missioner Bayes –

Dear Wardens,

Thank you for your interest in exploring the possibility of sharing a priest. In order to begin that exploration, I would like you to work with your vestries to appoint some teams to represent you:

  • The Transition Team (8 members)—comprised of the 2 wardens plus 2 other (unrelated) members of the congregation from each parish—will work with me to determine the depth and the terms of the partnership:
    Depth—options might range among:
    simply sharing a priest with little other involvement
    sharing a priest with the occasional joint service (for example on weekday feasts) and/or fellowship events
    sharing a priest with a few shared ministries plus the occasional joint service (for example on weekday feasts) and/or fellowship events
    Terms—items to be negotiated might include:
    times of services
    division of costs
  • The Search Committee (12 members)—comprised of 2 Search Teams, each with a Co-Chair plus 5 other (unrelated) members of the congregation from each parish—will work with me to:
    interview members of the congregation
    administer the Congregational Assessment Tool (CAT) Survey
    develop a joint Profile and OTM Portfolio
    interview applicants
    make a recommendation to the 2 Vestries.
    At least one member of the Transition Team from each parish should also serve on the Search Committee
    Wardens may be on the Search Committee but should not serve as Co-Chairs

April 29, 2021 – The Vestry met with Rev. Canon Teri Bays, Missioner for Transitions and Governance for The Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana.  In that meeting she introduced us of the processes we will be using.  There are two search tracks, Full Search and Limited Search.  It was agreed that we will follow the Limited Search process due to the shortened time needed as well as being more economical.  The Vestry thought partnering with another of the local parishes might make attracting a priest a bit easier since we have a Rectory to bring to the table.  Because we had partnered with St. Andrews by the Lake, Michigan City, previously with good results it was proposed that we see if they would be interested.  Canon Bays said we would discuss this with them.  First order of business will be forming a Search Committee, see Diana if you are interested in participating. The committee members would engage parish members in interviews, the results being used to help discern, among other things, What matters to the congregation.

April 18, 2021 – Monthly Vestry meeting.   

April 14, 2021 – The Vestry met with Bishop Sparks to discuss David’s Letter of Resignation.  Out of that meeting came an offer for David to act as Supply Priest until we obtain a Priest to replace him. 

March 14, 2021 – Monthly Vestry Meeting. David handed out his Letter of Resignation with a thirty day notice.