Dear Parish,

I am writing to you to give you an update on some exciting news as well as to give you the Holy Week schedule for this year.

As you know we are still under guidelines for the pandemic however it has been determined that between 4 to 8 people are allowed to sing while wearing masks. This means that beginning Sunday March 21 we will be able to return to a form of sung Eucharist which is very exciting and much anticipated. As for the Holy Week Schedule it is as follows:

Sunday March 28 – Palm Sunday at IOAM. This service will be as traditional as we can make it with the possibility of having service outside weather permitting.

Wednesday March 31 – Normal Wednesday service at 6PM

Thursday April 1 – Service will be at 6PM including the stripping of the Altar. This service will be slightly modified. We will not be stripping the church as bare as we have in the past and we will have an alternative to foot washing.

Night of Thursday April 1 to Morning of Friday April 2 we will still observe a watch but it is by signup and only one family unit is permitted at a time.

Friday April 2 12 Noon – Stations of the Cross

Friday April 2 6PM – Good Friday Service

Saturday April 3 – Due to the continuing pandemic we have decided to not have the easter vigil and instead combine it with the easter service.

Sunday April 4 IOAM – Easter Service at IOAM just as we have in the past.

As you can see we have tried to work within the framework of what our country is continuing to go through while continuing to meet the faith needs and desires of the communities we serve. This is not ideal but it is not a small thing either and we truly have much to be thankful for at this time.

Peace be with you,