Dear Parish, 

I have some good news to share with all of you. Due to some recent changes by the Diocese we now have the ability to offer a consistent worship experience. Bishop Sparks has instituted what is being called “the Michigan proposal”. It allows us to be able to have a consistent time of worship all be it different from what we are used to. In essence it allows us to have service no matter as long as we don’t hit the red zone as far as numbers. However it also means that service will be outside. This will start beginning September 13 and service times will be at 10 am as usual. For now we have decided to focus on Sunday service only and will add in the Wednesday service at a latter date. Due to the unusual nature of our services there are a few things we will need to go over.

  1. Since services will be outside it is recommended that you bring your own lawn chair.
  2. Bring your prayer book and hymnal (we can supply one to live in your car for the time being, and Rich Barber has posted some resources for digital copies you can use on the website .
  3. We are working on a drive up box for tithes.
  4. The service will look the same as it always has but a few things will be a bit different. Both forms of Eucharist will be consecrated but only the host will be consumed by parishioners while the wine will be by ocular aka spiritual communion (more about that at the service)
  5. At the peace you are free to waive to people but do not hug or shake hands, social distancing is still in effect.
  6. Masks. Since we are outside as long as you are 6ft or more from the person next to you you are not required to wear a mask but are welcome to do so. While on this subject do not come to service if you have a headache, stomach ache, are running a fever, or even think you don’t feel 100%. Practice good hygiene and personal care and stay safe.
  7. Bulletins will be available but must be taken home.
  8. Ushers will assist in directing you where to park.

Bear in mind this is going to be a learning experience for all of us and it is less than ideal but things will improve over time and we will hopefully soon be back in our building (I don’t want to be standing in the snow having service while you all are in your nice warm cars) but it is first steps towards getting back to normal.

Hope to see you starting next week,